fallout shelters - for the girl that fears everything

I recently read a great feature in the January issue of The Believer about fallout shelters, those "nuke-proof" underground hideouts most commonly associated with hyper-vigilant suburban families and Cold War paranoia. But no. More people in the U.S. of A. have fallout shelters now than ever before. Jesus.

But if you're gonna do it - do it right, the classic way.
Especially when this 1961 issue of Life makes it look so darned easy!

How about this nifty bunker in an underground steel pipe?

Barring that, just construct one in your basement!

Bunkers make swell hangouts for teens!

above pictures from the duck and cover! flickr set

The key to beautiful bunkers is to work WITH the natural starkness of the ambiance, not against it. There's so much to love about plywood and cinderblock.

Just remember to pack a shotgun - you'll need it to ward off your mutated neighbours - and eat your canned greens! Stay safe, citizens, and I'll see you in the next life!