how to make a clementine candle

My friends and I are big fans of clementines, but we're also big fans of their boxes. The fact that such delicious fruit comes with a nice wooden box as a free gift - it's the greatest! But I have to say, I ain't never seen such an intriguing use of the clementines themselves. Check out this candle!It's not even a waste of a clementine - all you use is the peel.
How to do it:

Using surgical precision, slice the peel all the way around the fattest part so it's cut in two equal halves. Remove the innards (and eat them).

Cut out a little star on the top half. If you're going to unveil the candle during a romantic dinner, cut out a heart. Nothing says love like burning citrus.

There should be a little bit of pith (that white, less yummy part) sticking out of at least one of the sides. This will be your "wick."
Carefully fill that side with vegetable oil.
Time to light that motherf***er! This may not be as easy as it sounds.Watch Apartment Therapy's how-to slideshow for more precise instructions. Apparently this is a European thing. Finally, a more dignified end for peels than the compost bin!


  1. this is a great idea!

  2. this is sweet

  3. superior to my usual around-the-house technique of simply burning clementine skins!