dresses as decoration

I have a dress problem. Floral dresses, 90s dresses, fancy dresses, country dresses, day dresses. I want 'em all. It's too hard to turn down a beautiful vintage find when you know it's yours now or never. But, quantity is eating away at the quality of my display and care for these dresses. The most beautiful fifties numbers are stashed in the back of my closet, white lace sharing a hanger with three cardigans. So, I resolve: no more! Now these dresses will get the tender love, care, and time in the spotlight they deserve. I love the idea of displaying beautiful pieces as artwork. They fill up a wall, provide a bit of colour and texture, and remind their owner that they're there ready and waiting for a night on the town!

I like they way they've done it here, from My Little Apartment:

And here, from Aesthetically Pleasing

Perfect for us young ones with little money for big, bright artworks and an appetite for impractical vintage!

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