taking houseboats to the next level

City livin' got you down? I feel you. Luckily, we're not alone - rafts and houseboats of all stripes are making a comeback in a big way amongst the the artist types of America!

The Miss Rockaway Armada is a group of American artists who united last year with a common goal: to construct a flotilla of magical rafts and float them down the Mississippi River.The rafts were entirely constructed with recycled materials and powered by french fry grease. Talk about summertime heaven. Nothing short of inspiring. Check out their photos for views of the rafts' interiors if you can stand the envy.

The Swimming Cities of the Switchback Sea ride the currents of the Hudson River, but a bevy of performances along the way.I almost can't stand looking at these photos, they're so summery and idyllic. Enough of this March business! Give me July!