picture this

If my life were a comic strip, I would live in the textured, whimsical world of Finnish artist Jaakko Pallasvuo. Even if this will never be a reality, the least I can do is hang a printout of his work on my wall.

cabinets of curiosity

The way someone fills their house with things can tell you a lot about a person, that's what this blog is all about. 17th century Swedishman, Ole Worm, was working with the same mentality when he decided to dedicate a whole room of his home to display his vast collection. Ranging from naturalia like antlers and tortoise shells to artificialia (man made items), Worm demonstrated to his visitors his knowledge of the world and the ways in which humans and nature are intertwined. Whether or not this is conveyed, does this not look fantastic? Who doesn't wish they had room soley for the purpose of display...


maira kalman: my decorator of choice

New York illustrator Maira Kalman paints rooms that seem to be everything I want in a home: sunny, jumbly and way, way, way aesthetically pleasing. If her book The Principles of Uncertainty and her illustrated edition of The Elements of Style are any indication, Kalman's world is a beautiful one. I want to find a way to wrangle myself an invitation to her home for tea and cake.


jungle dwellings

1 BR - BEAUTIFUL LOFT-STYLE APARTMENT! (south of the equator)
Reply to:hous-atdnt-1175635192@craigslist.org
Date: 2009-05-19, 3:13PM EDT

Tired of ubiquitous hallway apartments and low-ceilinged flophouses? Then look no further than this charming loft, conveniently located next to the biggest river this side of the Mississippi! Open concept. Perfect for singles, close couples, or your entire extended family. Fridge, stove, plumbing and comfort not included. Vertigo optional. Roof access.


space colonies

Even NASA was young and idealistic once, and the late '70s must have been a particularly heady time. One day, presumably after the sparking of multiple bowls, the organisation's head rocket scientists agreed to fund physicist Gerard O'Neill. And what did O'Neill do with that money? Why, he designed space colonies, of course! Far-fucking-out.
WIRED says NASA described these idyllic galactic suburbs as "wonderful places to live; about the size of a California beach town and endowed with weightless recreation, fantastic views, freedom, elbow-room in spades and great wealth."(photos from NASA)

Life in space would also involve "outdoor" buffets, if the illustration above is anything to go by.
Incidentally, I went to see the Star Trek movie last night. O'Neill, imagineer of all this glorious futurism, reminds me of a certain someone.


tibetan catholic churches

a temporary church set-up in baihanluo

In the Footsteps of Joseph Rock follows an Australian journalist's journey through Tibet. Not to get too liberal-arts-student about things, but these images of Tibetan Catholic churches really are a reminder that, for all the news stories I've read about Tibet, I really know shit all about it.
That, and I have a sudden urge to build a shrine.

midnight mass at baihanluo church

(photos from jiulong's flickr)