the best kind of clutter

Culture Overflowing, originally uploaded by David Serra.
I get good vibes from houses full of books.


nothing to do but thrift

Oh, to have a life of meticulous thrift shopping and creative home renovation. This blog documents the home improvement project of a couple living in what I suspect might be a small town in California. They've got a great eye for deals and really seem to have put together an amazing home relatively cheaply.

Feeling inspired by their penchant for kitsch portraits and dedication to mid-century furniture. It makes me want to put my free time to good use and get back into the habit of scouring the local Salvation Army...


chair customization

Just the logical next step for this chair, which must have seemed so modern at its conception.
I wish I could claim to have done this myself, but no, I found it on the internet. Let this be your inspiration to start customizing all your chairs!

clever topiaries

To add onto Ming's post about shrubbery in Lund, Sweden: photographer Brad Moore captures bushes and humans, living in slightly desperate harmony.