dreamy bedrooms

As my roommates and I get ready to pack up and start the apartment hunt all over again (the first showing of our little one is tomorrow afternoon), I'm starting to think about what's really important to me in choosing a new space. Ultimately, I want a place with lots of natural light, high-ish ceilings, and a big ass bedroom. I have visions of all white bedding, a flood of sunlight, and enough space for my record player and records to not have to push them out of the way whenever I want to get into my closet like I do now.

Here's my bedroom now:

Here's what's inspiring me. Thrifted treasures in pale colours, twinkle lights, minimal clutter (that's gonna take some work) and wood grain. Totally doable, totally beautiful:

photos from please sir

And my absolute favourite, Theodora Allen's photo of Tennessee Thomas. Dreamy white curtains and bedding, lots of sunlight, books--I want it!

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