D.I.Y. pantry

I love food, especially when it comes in beautiful packaging. So do Ming and her friends, so much that they started up Le Fancy to show off all the lovely things they get to eat. Looking at that pretty blog, it comes as no surprise that here in Montreal, Ming and her room mates would want to showcase these kinds of items in their kitchen.

Using scrap pieces of wood and inexpensive brackets, the kids at the St Denis house built their own do-it-yourself pantry to maximize limited cupboard space and showcase their tasty delights.

Staggering the shelves fills up what would've been an empty wall to make it look warm, inviting, and hecka tasty too. The section of the wall they've painted with chalkboard paint is a nice touch.

I also like My Little Apartment's take on the D.I.Y. pantry: a freestanding version with scrap wood, found cinderblocks, and a cute patterned curtain to cover it up, filling an unused nook of the kitchen.

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  1. hey, thats my old pantry! it's all about DIY when you live in a warehouse...especially when inventing storage spaces!

    thanks for the link-- super cute blog, I'm looking forward to checking back in :)