the new antiquarians

New York Times article "The New Antiquarians" documents the ol' fashioned tastes of a handful of young Brooklyn-dwellers and their "extremely previous lifestyles." Apparently some young people are fascinated by old shit, especially taxidermy. Who knew?

“It’s way more than anti-modernism, this sort of deep spelunking into the past,” said Valerie Steele, director of the Museum of the Fashion Institute of Technology. “It’s not aspirational and it’s not nostalgic. It’s a fantasy world that is almost entirely a visual collage. It’s a stitched-together, bricolage world, an alternative world."

She goes on to add that "it's too bad" the antique fascination will inevitably be commodified by marketers. Honey, it's too late.

But as it's just the nature of newspapers to be late-to-the-party about these things, let's just concentrate on the enviable interiors.Note the swans in flight.Ricocheting between loving curio cabinets and having anxiety attacks about having too much useless shitIS THAT A STUFFED DOG?

see the whole photo series on the n.y. times website

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  1. hah! i guessed the "too late" link before i even clicked! Die U.O. just die.