creative workspace

You know the drill: it's 2am. You have a ginormous project you still haven't started. The deadline is 9am. You've been procrastinating by eating for the past four hours and are now too full to continue. You must find another way to not work.
So, naturally, you decide to reorganise your desk.the desk of illustrator victor kerlow

When I'm really under the gun, I inevitably choose my precious, highly limited time to render my surroundings more pleasing. I thought studying at the library would put a stop to it but, before I knew it, I was stacking and restacking my books and lining up my pens instead of writing a paper.the desk of photographer dan winters

Aside from finally pulling up my socks and acquiring some fucking work ethic, I see no solution to this aside from making sure my workspace is already so beautiful, it will stimulate rather than distract.the sewing table of australian costume designer tina kalivas, via the selby

Good luck, my partners in procrastination. May this new scholastic year usher in a renewed desire to pull oneself up by one's proverbial bootstraps.

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